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Viewing topic "Sequencer causes Keyboard MIDI to stop transmitting"

Posted on: August 27, 2020 @ 11:16 AM
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I’m playing back a MIDI file in the MOXF8 sequencer, (in Song Mode, with about 10 tracks being used in the mix) while playing along.  What I’ve noticed and verified on multiple MIDI tools (MIDIOX, MIDILab) is that while the sequencer is running, anything I play on the keyboard is only SOMETIMES transmitted.  Anybody seen this?  I haven’t noticed whether it depends on the number of MIDI events the sequencer is dealing with at the moment - but even when there is only a drum track playing, it usually won’t output what I’m playing on the keyboard, except occasionally...there doesn’t seem to be any consistency as to when it will or wont.


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Posted on: August 27, 2020 @ 01:42 PM
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I presume that the “MIDI file” was created on other than a MOXF. (If that’s not correct, let us know.)

Even if all the MIDI events you play aren’t transmitted, are they at least all sounding?

Perhaps there’s data in the file that’s excessive, such as aftertouch, clogging the MIDI data stream. You might try filtering various MIDI events and see if that helps. See page 144 of the MOXF Reference Manual, Utility Mode [F2]SEQ > [SF2]FILTER.

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Posted on: August 29, 2020 @ 12:59 PM
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First, sorry for the long post, but maybe someone has some theories or has experienced something similar.

Some more experimentation led to some findings....

I examined the MIDI events in the file, and used MIDIOX to watch the output out of the MOXF.  AT this point, I was using the USB MIDI output of the MOXF.  It SEEMED that when the sequencer file was played, one of the CC messages in the file (going to a TC Helicon Voicelive2 via its MIDI USB port, to turn on/off the harmony) was causing the real time keyboard note messages to stop being transmitted, because after the CC 110 00 message was sent, the keyboard notes would suddenly stop being output.  Then, once a CC 110 127 message was sent to turn the Harmony back on, the keyboard notes would start being sent again.  However, it was inconsistent, and sometimes the notes would stop being output without a CC 110 00 being sent at all.

I then decided to use the 5-pin MIDI ports as the MIDI output of the MOXF.  Lo and behold, all of the notes were sent, irrespective of any CC messages above.  However, I noticed that SysEx messages were no longer being output… Arrrgh… I was using an inexpensive USB to 5-pin interface, which I had never had any issues with before, but I decided to change it to a MidiPlus 2x2 interface.  Now, everything was working including SysEx.

So, it seems that either the USB output of the MOXF is doing some unintentional filtering/dropouts of keyboard output when the sequencer is also playing, or Windows is doing it on the receiving and processing side, but it’s then unique to the MOXF ports, because the MidiPlus USB interface and the MOXF 5-pin ports were allowing everything to pass through Windows to the Voicelive2 just fine.


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