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Viewing topic "Why are Volumes reverting to previous or incorrect setting?"

Posted on: July 21, 2020 @ 06:50 PM
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What is the protocol when Mixing using the REC/OVERDUB and/or inserting CC data into the MIDI Event list for a given Part? 

Cause I’m pulling my hair out.

First question: Must you Re-Cue to beginning of the sequence so the computer is able to re-read the Events linearly so I will hear the edits I just programmed via REC/Overdub in real-time? 

And alternatively, do you need to Re-Cue to the beginning of the sequence so the computer can read Events that were manually Inserted without using REC/Overdub?

After REC/Overdub is used in real-time do you need to hit Store and save the Song/Pattern. I would think REC means record.

If I Insert a CC EVENT into the sequence and I’m kind of jumping around on the timeline to do so (cause the REC/Overdub is confusing the crap out of me) do I have to Insert OTHER CC Events to offset or re-establish my previous edit decisions? That is, should I go back to the Chorus and manually place a CC Event THERE too, to avoid having all previous and subsequent edits ignored or rendered absurd. 

To put it another way (hell, I have nothing else to do) what “tells” the computer what the Volume is on a track at ANY and EVERY given moment as it moves forward?  Are there invisible (hidden from the Event List anyway) Events calling the shots? And what happens when it glides over one of my Inserted Commands? Does it read that command traveling backwards AS WELL AS forward? And if compelled to do this to let the synth “catch up” do I also have to not go too fast? 

All of these questions are presenting themselves (and causing wholesale removal of hair) because while Mixing I’m finding over and over that the Volume of Parts are reverting to the previous Volume sometimes, sometimes to some random value. Also, if I fade the volume of a track manually (in REC/Overdub mode) then STOP Record, then re-cue to the beginning of the Song I sometimes find that the Volume is at 00. As if the synth must now cravenly apply that 00 value to any other event it comes upon—instead of reading the new or previous command. Can that really be how Mixing and Overdubbing works? 

Out of self-defense, I’ve taken to manually inserting a CC Volume command at the top of the Song—to hopefully keep this puzzling behavior from erasing my carefully placed Control Change/Volume decision. But often that manually INSERTED CC Event I find to have been “disappeared” altogether by some force beyond my comprehension. Shouldn’t that manually INSERTED CC Event (even if placed there out of ignorance or spite) be sacrosanct and over-ride anything else coming upon it?

Finally, I understand that the Assignable Knobs and LED display the Original Value of a Part—but often the Original number AND the actual Knob value are completely out of left field 0R I recognize one or both as displaying a setting long since abandoned. Or so it seems as I’m pulling out my side-burns.

Since it appears true that there IS a need to re-cue to the top of the sequence in SOME Mixing scenarios, surely understanding why THAT is the case would shed some light on my previous questions. Or is it all just my imagination!? 

Someone, please, tell me the secret!  I promise to abide by the rules if someone would just TELL me WHAT those rules ARE!

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Posted on: July 22, 2020 @ 06:36 PM
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Events in the Event List (whether placed there by original recording, manual editing, or overdubbing) control what is played. The only other control is determined by the Song Mixing “header”, as I explained here:

Important points from that thread…
1) [STORE] rewrites the header
2) Just rewinding to the beginning of a Song doesn’t reread the Parameters (such as Volume) there.
One way to start with that information is to temporarily select another Song, and then return to the desired one. You could also capture those initial Parameters in a Scene - be sure to do so right after selecting the Song so that no CC or other Track events have had a chance to change things. That way, selecting the Scene will always reestablish initial conditions.

You might want to investigate Utility mode “Song Event Chase” settings. Properly set, it will allow the CC and other events to be followed as you move through them (forward or backward) in your sequence. That Parameter defaults to “off”, which may relate to your confusion.

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