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Viewing topic "Seeking Advice Connecting My XF8 to a Windows 10 laptop…"

Posted on: June 11, 2020 @ 02:31 PM
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Joined  01-27-2012
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So about 13 months ago I posted a similar message seeking advice on connecting my ‘coming-out-of-storage’ Motif XF8 (equipped with the FW16E) to a Windows-based laptop, but unfortunately didn’t receive any responses. For a variety of reasons, I’m only now getting the opportunity to move forward with this.  My situation and question this time are more straightforward: I simply wanted to confirm that the best course of action to establish an audio connection between the XF and a Windows-based laptop would be to abandon use of the FW16E and just use the XF’s S/PDIF or analog audio outs to record output? I realize I’d have to forego using the FW16E as an audio interface and probably sacrifice most if not all of its workstation capabilities. But it seems it would likely be a nightmare to try to add Firewire capability to a Windows 10 laptop at this point in time, assuming it’s even possible anymore.

Just wanted to check in here to see if this is the most advisable thing to do, or if - pleasant surprise - there might still be a way to employ the FW16E.

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