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Viewing topic "Cheap Budget Motif idea (Sounds and Keybed)"

Posted on: June 03, 2020 @ 02:15 PM
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Joined  06-03-2020
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I’m a teen that loves the motif line, but I’m also frugal and don’t have much money to spend on a 1k Motif. I like the sound and keybed on the Motif ES8 I use at church.

So recently, I was thinking of a real simple budget Motif idea that I’d just thought I’d share briefly.

It seems as though the Yamaha S08 has the same balanced hammer action keybed as in the Motif lines, so if you were to connect any of the the Motif series racks (Original, ES, XF, etc) in the midi functions on the S08, you could sort of have a budget Motif in terms of the same keybed and sounds. The Yamaha S08 It also has the Pitch and Modulation Wheels, but in the same position as the MO8 or the current MOXF8, top left.

The S08 synths seem to be inexpensive nowadays and with a great action like that can get the job done.

Ok that’s all I have, thanks for viewing the post :)

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