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Viewing topic "Motif XF8 as VST in Studio One 4 isn’t working"

Posted on: May 14, 2020 @ 11:44 AM
Total Posts:  79
Joined  12-02-2011
status: Experienced

This is a strange one so I figured I’d ask to see if there are any Studio One 4 users here that have had any success running the Motif VST inside of Studio One 4.

I am connected to an iMac using the USB port as a MIDI connection.
I have installed the latest version for the Motif VST extension.

When I open the VST in stand alone or any other VST instrument on my system, I can successfully trigger the VST instruments and get sound by assigning them to use Port A on the USB MIDI connection.

But doing the same thing within Studio One 4, I can play virtually any VST instrument available except for the Yamaha MOTIF VST.

The VST loads fine but is offline and if I enter the setup to assign the port it shows yellow text saying the Ports aren’t properly setup in the Host or the Port is already in Use.

Neither of which I can identify as being true.

I can launch the VST plugin within Cubase or in Stand Alone mode on the desktop without any errors and it works. Admittedly I haven’t used Studio One very long so it’s relatively new to me.

But anyone else seen this issue?

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