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Viewing topic "Single Key “Arpeggio” at Maximum Speed/Velocity Triggering When Playing 4-note Chords"

Posted on: April 09, 2020 @ 02:22 PM
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Good evening, everyone,

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted anything, mostly, for sake of not being a thorn in anyone’s side (I had quite a few inquiries in my early days of Motif XF7 ownership). I might have spared you all longer still, but I’m stuck. Here goes:

I am looking for ideas regarding what’s malfunctioned and whether it’s just best to let my XF7 slip on into oblivion and move on (aka, it’s done), or can it still be resurrected?

Night before last, I finished a session, saved, and powered off. Everything was working fine. Yesterday, however, when I powered it up and began to run through some stuff, I noticed that whenever I played a B chord, and dared to add a single bass note or expanded to a 7th chord, an F note would spontaneously trigger at maximum velocity and its speed seemed relative to the amount of pressure on the keys (that is, lighter pressure would just be like an arpeggio pattern of only F, in a random pattern, whereas, adding the 4th note heavyhanded-like, it sounded like a mandolin player reeeeeally in love with the note of F.

If I transpose the keyboard, the phenomenon also transposes.

I’d replaced the keybed once before for dead keys and velocity problems. So, being familiar with the disassembly, I took it apart and cleaned the contacts, put’er back to gether--same thing.

I play full chords with both hands often. Therefore, in the current state, the board has become almost less than useless.

Does anyone have any idea whether it’s a primary component failure (if so, which?), and if so, whether it’d be more practical to attempt replacement (as you might a pc), or just pitch it?

Thank you

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Posted on: April 09, 2020 @ 06:05 PM
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1) Is this behavior exhibited if everything is disconnected from the XF except for audio outputs, and you play a Preset Voice such as PRE1 A01?
2) If “yes” to question 1, and you have another keyboard available, connect the MIDI-Out of that second keyboard to the MIDI-In of the XF. Make sure the XF is set for MIDI operation in Utility mode. Play the second keyboard. Does the XF still misbehave?

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