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Viewing topic "Yamaha MOXF6 keybed action/quality"

Posted on: March 08, 2020 @ 02:04 PM
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Joined  03-04-2020
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Hi all,
can you clarify if the MOXF6 has a synth-action or a semi-weighted action?
In the official Yamaha website it’s stated as a

61 keys, semi-weighted keyboard (Initial Touch)

but in this page

first row, I read

•Newly developed synth action for the MOXF6

I’m not a fan of synth action keys, they feel weird and fragile. I definitely prefer the semi-weighted action.
Can you explain this point?

And in general, how about the keybed quality? I read that is not fantastic, but I couldn’t understand if it’s a matter of personal preference, or if objectively it’s not great.

I didn’t have the opportuniy to play with a MOXF6, but I played a little bit the MODX6 and the MX61 in a music store, and the feel was not bad at all. Is the feel/action comparable with these 2 workstations?

Thanks a lot.

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