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Viewing topic "Custom drums arp. fixed still tranpose"

Posted on: March 05, 2020 @ 12:29 AM
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Joined  03-04-2020
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Good day,
I’m a happy user of MOXF6, but I have few questions I haven’t found an answer yet.

1. According to making custom arpeggios:
I already read the following articles:
MOXF Arpeggios Explored:
Topic “Help with creating custom arpeggios” by Bad_Mister:
MOX, MOXF: Creating custom drum patterns (arpeggios):
but I have problem especially with drum arp.

I record 3 tracks in pattern mode: bass, guitar and drums. For bass and guitar I used the “Org. Note” during “Export to arp.” job. For drums I used “Fixed” mode.
When I later create a new performance and set instruments and created arpeggios the bass and the guitar is OK - it transpose according to the notes I played.

Drums unfortunately also transpose itself according to notes I played - it should be fixed IMO. So it starts OK when I start with C1 (I used that note for root for bass/gtr.), but when I change the note to let say G1, kick drum becomes hi-hat, snare becomes crash, and so on.
What is more at the start of drum arp. I hear double sound of first sound (the kick drum). In pattern mode everything is alright - there is no doubled sound, looping is also OK I think.

Can You give me any hints with the issue?

2. I don’t like using pc when working with music, so I’m thinking about buying 2G flash board for MOXF by MUTEC. My friend has some NI Kontakt Sample libraries. Is it possible to convert some nki into moxf format, and use them as normal voice? I suppose I can record sample into WAV, then manually setting looping and so on, but IMO it is very time consuming. Do You have any suggestion or experience with that.

3. Last questions is connected to saving/load to/from USB. Is it possible to store specific song/pattern/performance/arpeggio in MOXF format on USB stick, delete them from MOXF and import it later? If it is not possible is there option to store chosen song/pattern/performance/arp. in MOXF format on PC to reload it later. I simply wish to save my composition and be able to back to them after some time.

Thank You in advanced for replay and any hints, best regards,

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