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Viewing topic "2GB RAM and USB HUB for XS?"

Posted on: March 02, 2020 @ 04:39 PM
Total Posts:  53
Joined  05-28-2011
status: Experienced

Hi there,

1) I’ve seen 2GB RAM kits being sold on EBAY. Does XS support 2GB RAM? If yes, what should the specifications of these RAM modules should be besides these: SDRAM PC133 (133mHz) paired modules, 72 pin each, ...? (ECC? Non ECC? How many chips? etc.)

2) I need a USB HUB for my XS’s USB port, so I power up both CME XKey and a hard drive (this 40GB external 2,5” drive of mine works perfectly on every Motif I’ve got. It doesn’t have an external power supply, so it is also powered via Motif’s port.) What brand / model USB Hubs do work with XSs?

3) Would ‘hotplugging’ damage my Motif’s USB port or the device connected? If I, say, connect my external 40gb hard drive to my XS, power up and have the autoload files loaded, then unplug the hard drive and plug CME XKey, would it damage any of the devices?

Thanks in advance…

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