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Viewing topic "Saved User Arp is not what I recorded"

Posted on: February 28, 2020 @ 08:58 PM
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Joined  11-01-2003
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I recently made a custom Arp in the sequencer. Saved it as a User Arp, it’s own number and name, assigned it to Arp button 1 and then played around with the Performance quite a lot, trying out the new Arp in context with other Arps, Stored that new version of the Performance.

AND cause I’m compulsive about such things, I then and there Save and Store an All Arp file. The next day I call up that Performance and the Arp 1 is back to the old version. No big deal, I think, I have that Arp saved with all my User Arps. I HEARD it, Stored it, backed it up on the All Arp file. So I load that All Arp file and now when I view the Performance and go to User type sub menu there is my new Arp, correct number, correct name, and assigned to the Arp 1 button, just like last night. But the User Arp is still NOT playing the arp I created. But it’s got the new name, the new number, everything else. So I’m confused. If I’d forgotten to Store the Performance the night before, but DID save the updated All Arp file, how might this be happening?

My first thought is that it has something to do with the Put to Arp process itself (or my ignorance about it, though I’ve used it 20 odd times in the past.) When I was in that hybrid Song Performance interaction mode I remember struggling to get the Song (sequencer) to “bow out” once I’d gotten what I wanted from it, set Fixed vs Normal (cause it was a Drum Arp), etc. Cause it seemed hinky I made a point to play around with the Performance, test the new Arp along with the existing Arps, etc. Heard it, saw it in the User Arp list, etc. Saved, Stored, backed up to USB.

So what happened?  I (of course!) erased the Song where I’d so carefully created that arp, but I’m mainly wanting to understand what happened or what I did wrong and how to avoid doing this again. I am particularly thrown by seeing the new Arp, named and numbered as expected, but having it still be the old arp—an arp that was, btw, NOT a User Arp.

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