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Viewing topic "External Program Change from Song mode"

Posted on: February 26, 2020 @ 02:50 AM
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Joined  09-16-2010
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When there’s a need to do Program Change (and Bank Select) on an externally controlled synth, it’s often suggested to use a Zoned Master setup. However, some users who use Mixes for seamless Voice switching during live play prefer to remain in Song mode. Well, there’s still a way to send the Program Change (PC) command while in Song mode, as long as one of the 16 tracks can be dedicated to the purpose.

The method involves inserting the PC event in a Track, transmitting the message on the MIDI channel on which the external synth receives, and making sure the PC message doesn’t affect the internal tone generator.

To set this up…
1) From Song mode, Play screen display, press [F3]Track > [SF1]Out. Select an unused Track, set TxCh (Transmit Channel) to match the receive channel of the external synth. If the Motif will be used to play the external synth, the Track and TxCh can be the one used for that purpose. Turn off (remove check mark) at Int (Internal Switch). Make sure Ext (External Switch) is on (has check mark). See the right-hand side of page 142 of the XF Reference Manual for details.

2) Insert the desired PC message on the selected Track at MEAS/BEAT/CLOCK 01/001/000. (The correct MSB/LSB and Program number for a Motif family synth can be found in the model’s Data List - see the MIDI Data Table, Bank Select section.) Inserting the New Event on page 151 of the XF Reference Manual and Program Change (PC) on page 31 explain the details - ignore Voice name, which is only correct for the internal Tone Generator.

Some non-Yamaha synths require Control Change messages for Bank Select. This support article might be helpful:

3) Once steps 1 and 2 are completed, STORE.

The Song Mixing can be used as before to select Voices for live play. However, to send the PC message to the external synth, just press the sequencer Play button. The PC message will be sent immediately - the sequence will run silently for two measures.

The above can also be applied in Pattern mode.

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