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Viewing topic "Converting motf es sounds to montage"

Posted on: February 20, 2020 @ 11:04 PM
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Joined  02-20-2020
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I recently bought a yamaha montage and would like to convert sounds from my Motiff ES. On the official yamaha website there is an instruction how to do this but I have a problem with one thing. According to the second point you have to convert files with extension .w7a to .w7e, unfortunately yamaha motif voice editor does not read these files. I turn on the program through the studio manager so it should be ok. Please help me
This is instruction from yamaha site:
1. Save voice data in the MOTIF ES. Select either All Files (.W7A) or All Voice Files (.W7V) as the file save format.

2. Copy the saved file via USB flash memory, and open it using MOTIF ES Voice Editor.

3. Save the copied file using MOTIF ES Voice Editor. Use the file extension .W7E.

4. Import the saved .W7E file using MOTIF XF Editor VST.

5. Save the imported file using MOTIF XF Editor VST with the file extension .X3E.

6. Load the saved .X3E file into the MONTAGE via USB flash memory.

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Posted on: February 21, 2020 @ 03:31 PM
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Welcome to the Motifator forum, where you’ll usually get accurate information, unlike some of what comes from Yamaha.  :-)

The above information about ES to XF file conversion is wrong. As you already determined, the Yamaha MOTIF ES Voice Editor can’t read .W7A or .W7V files. Even if it could, it can’t handle user samples.

The best way to convert custom ES files to XF ones is by finding a cooperative XF owner who can load the ES files and save them as XF files. If all you need is the Factory ES Voices, we can provide a link to that.

In order for us to help further, please answer the following questions…
1) What is the source of the ES files you have? Are they ones of your own that you saved, or are they commercial files?
2) For “All” files, do you have both the .W7A and .W8A files (otherwise having the same filename)? For “All Voice” files, do you have both the .W7V and .W8V files? (Both W7 and W8 files are needed to do the conversion.)
3) What is the size of each .W7 and .W8 file? (If there are user samples, they’re in the W8 file, which can be large.)

Let us know.

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