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Viewing topic "volume too low for asL&R;ASSIGNABLE OUTPUT L and R stereo jacks"

Posted on: February 03, 2020 @ 01:58 AM
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Hello everybody,
my problem is when I use “asL&R;ASSIGNABLE OUTPUT L and R Stereo” jacks. The tracks that I send to those outpuy jacks sound at a significantly lower volume than the ones sent to the standard output.

I compare them using the same volume level and the same output gain (+6dB) in the Utility/Audio In/Out Settings I/O menù.

This a major issue especially in live situations.

What am I doing wrong? Any suggestion?
Thank you in advance, all the best

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Posted on: February 03, 2020 @ 07:20 AM
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When a Part is routed to an assignable output, the signal is no longer a component of the main mix - it bypasses System/Master Effects and Master EQ, and goes directly to the ASSIGNABLE L and/or R outputs. Therefore any volume level increase that may have been applied to the Part when routed to the main L/MONO and R outputs is not present at the assignable ones.

There are a couple of ways to increase the output level for a Part (either in a Performance or Song/Pattern Mixing).

1) The easiest way is to edit Volume for the Part…
From Performance Play or Mixing mode, press [EDIT]
Select the Part by pressing the relevant numbered button
Press [F1]Voice > [SF1]Voice
Highlight Volume, increase the value, and STORE

2) Part EQ can be used to increase level…
From the EDIT screen as above, press [F5]EQ
If the Part EQ is set flat, the following settings will provide about 6dB of gain:

               Low         Mid        High
Frequency     469.5Hz     1.23kHz     3.10kHz
+6.00dB     +4.13dB     +6.00dB
Q                             0.7

If the Part has an EQ curve, increase the Gain settings as needed.

3) Signals sent to assignable outputs are typically processed externally, so using a small mixer to adjust levels is a common way to resolve gain differences.

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