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Viewing topic "PLG VL 150 Articulation"

Posted on: November 24, 2019 @ 06:13 AM
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Joined  02-11-2018
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I recently purchased the VL 150 board and it sounds amazing.

How can I control the sax articulation sounds that are controlled by the mod wheel, and instead control that same articulation using my FC2 foot controller? It would be nice to use it in a performance where I can still use my left hand for the bottom notes, for the backing of my right hand that uses PLG VL150 sounds, and I need the foot controller to articulate the modwheel settings.

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Posted on: December 12, 2019 @ 07:12 PM
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The user manual for the VL lists the control parameters for voices. I’m guessing you didn’t get one with the board so I’m attaching a copy. I no longer have the CD that came with the board and it’s probably for an older operating system anyway. I usually use an (ancient!) breath controller with the VL: the original BC’s are outrageously expensive but if you look on the web there are articles on building a copy for a reasonable price.Hope you can get it to do what you want it to!

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