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Viewing topic "Where can I find latest firmware for MOXF and Motif XF"

Posted on: October 26, 2019 @ 10:32 PM
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Joined  12-24-2013
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I recently got the moxf and need to see if it has the lates firmware. I also have the motif xf at my church and need to update it too. Would appreciate any help I can get.

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Posted on: October 27, 2019 @ 02:54 AM
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Joined  09-16-2010
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Welcome to the forum.

The most recent OS for the MOXF is version 1.12; that for the XF is 1.50.

OS updaters for MOXF and XF:

Each of the OS downloads has a “Readme” file that includes the procedure for determining which firmware version is currently installed.

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