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Viewing topic "From XF only to working with a computer/ Cubase .. what steps are needed?"

Posted on: October 17, 2019 @ 03:25 AM
Michiel D
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Joined  11-16-2009
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Hi there, for years I only wanted to record music using the Motif sequencer as centrepiece of my studio.
I have connnected some analog synths (MIDI), when I’m happy with a song or pattern I record it on minidisc or CD en delete the MIDI recording of the sequencer (next!).

Now I’ve got an XF I finally want to try out working with Cubase. For me this is a big stept, haven’t got experience with it. So I’m looking for some step by step advice .. Here’s my 2 cents ..

- I need to hook up the XF to my PC, no problem, I have a MIDI/USB cable to make the connection

- Now I need to install some Motif XF software (I guess), like the “Motif manager” (I remember downloads for earlier Motifs)? Which programma’s do I have install (at leest)?

- Cubase .. Is there a free version for basics (I’m no DJ Tiesto) of is purchasing a more professional version necassry?

- Or .. is it sufficiënt to install Cubase software and from Cubase software ‘opening/connections to’ the XF? Sorry, it’s really new stuff for me ..

Any help/advice is highly appreciaties. There’s a lot of info and youtube on the web, but this specificatie Motif XF related step by step ‘first steps’ are misging ...



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