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Viewing topic "Is there a free software to build keymaps for MotifClassic or ES?"

Posted on: October 01, 2019 @ 12:02 PM
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Joined  02-16-2011
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like the headline says. I know about the program from Chickensys, I already own one from him for the Kurzweil PC3. But it´s pretty expensive and way over the top for what I want. I just need a tool to sort the samples for a keymap (or how it is called in the Motif-world), say for a piano with different samples, tell them wich keyrange to use and to save them as a package. I can do the rest inside the Motif.
It seems there is nothing from Yamaha for that. I just found that old Waveeditor from Yamaha (forgot it´s name) but for this job you can get different, more modern programs. All of them can´t build keymaps as well as the Yamaha wave-editor.
I already have a bunch of looped samples (was a long and cumbersome job...) and want to try them in a Motif ES. Working on the Motif is so slow and… well cumbersome.
Thanks in advance for any hints.

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