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Viewing topic "Yamaha’s 45th Synthesizer Anniversary (Workstation Synthesizer’s What’s Next?)"

Posted on: September 21, 2019 @ 05:52 PM
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Joined  12-17-2013
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I wonder what part Yamaha’s workstation synthesizer will play in their 45th Anniversary celebration???  hmmm.....

I know, they can’t have a celebration without commemorating W5,W7, QS300, Motif etc.

And I wonder if they’re going to announce what’s next for their Workstation Synthesizer line?  What workstation synthesizer line you say....  Well surely Yamaha has to have rethought their built in sequencer and sampler strategy by now....

The next step for the Workstation Synthesizer from Yamaha , should just be to build Cubase AI inside along with Motif’s Integrated Sampler.  They couldn’t go wrong there.

Also give the workstation a AWM2 synth engine + FM-X synth engine + 1 user loadable VSTi that can all be combined to create a single Voice.  The new synthesizer workstations should probably support Midi MPE capability.  This new synthesizer workstation should contain a Dorico LE edition (Built into it Cubase AI) It should also have the ability to write 16 tracks of audio to usb storage.  It should also have CV & Gate IO for easy integration into Modular Synths.

That would be enough to shut the workstation synthesizer competition down for the next 10 years.

Of Course, if Yamaha doesn’t do this, Roland Fantom, the next Korg, or Kurzweil PC4 will definitely put a list of features very similar to this together.  Some of them are pretty close now!

Come on Yamaha!  It’s your 45th anniversary of the Synthesizer.  And the Workstation Synthesizer played a big part.

What’s new for the Workstation Synthesizer ;-)

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