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Viewing topic "Advanced Midi Question - Changing incoming midi channel when outputting to another module"

Posted on: August 20, 2019 @ 09:41 AM
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Joined  10-02-2012
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Current Setup is a Motif XF7 (Main board)/Roland Fantom X7/ Midi Step Bass Pedals and a Moog Minitaur. 

At times I want to use the bass pedals with the Motif XF or the Roland X7 but not the Minotaur. Is there some way to have the XF change the incoming midi channel to send out on a different midi channel for the Minotaur??  Trying to do this cleanly without shutting audio off or another piece of gear.

I had Brainspawn Forte which I was able to do this but trying to get everything into the Motif if possible.

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