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Viewing topic "Can’t Hear Motif XS sounds in Logic Pro 7"

Posted on: July 09, 2019 @ 12:59 AM
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Joined  07-09-2019
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When I connect my motif xs keyboard with the usb connection i can’t hear the motif sounds

I am able to play logic’s instruments but i want to be able play, hear, record, the motif sounds via midi

I have local turned off

I dont know if im routing the ports wrong or not

I just know i cant hear anything!

Anyone who knows what im doing wrong please help me this is becoming so frustrating

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Posted on: July 09, 2019 @ 11:53 AM
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Hi JenniferRodriquez,

Welcome to the forum.

The ‘To Host’ USB connection on a Motif XS is for MIDI data only and does not carry audio.

The main L/R analog outputs on your Motif need to be connected to suitable amplification in order for you to hear it, even when in use with a computer based sequencer such as Logic.  I’m assuming you’ve already done this, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

You also need to be using an External MIDI Track in Logic for the Motif voices (not an instrument track).

When working with a program like Logic, most people will put their Motif in Song or Pattern Mode, which will enable you to use up to 16 different voices simultaneously.

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