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Viewing topic "choose differents moxf8 voices in cubase elements 10"

Posted on: June 30, 2019 @ 07:16 AM
Total Posts:  61
Joined  10-08-2003
status: Experienced

Hello, how can I choose voices from my moxf in Steinberg cubase elemets le 10.
I have installed the Moxf voice banks via => Studio => More options => Midi device manager. And then I go back to a track to choose voice but I can’t see a bank or don’t know what to do to find the voicebank to choose.

I want to choose differents voices on differents tracks in cubase elements le 10 for example track 1 piano, track to organ

i can choose on cubase at Input track all midi and yamaha moxf6 / moxf8 8-1 till -8-5
in Output i can choose Microsoft GS and Yamaha moxf6 / 8

i hope someone can help me.
sorry for my bad english

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