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Viewing topic "Advice With My Motif XS6 For Free Play Chords"

Posted on: June 23, 2019 @ 02:31 PM
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Joined  06-23-2019
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Hello All, I am a new to the sight and The Motif XS. I am 69 years young and only started playing 2 years ago. I am self taught and purchased a Tyros 5 Keyboard concentrating on playing chords. Mainly 3 finger but some 4 finger with styles.Some of the music I like to play Styles do not fit well, so I decided to purchase a synth and decided to go carefully purchasing a XS6. It looks very complex and what I would like to know is was I right in thinking the Synth can be set up say with split keyboard so that you are able to play chords with your left hand and a voice in your right. What i am looking to do is to be able to set up for my left hand Free Play sounds with no drums etc and Voices in my right Hand, I hope i have explained this so that somebody might understand it. I realize there are no styles on synths and it is a workstation and not a Keyboard but I am very enthusiastic and are hoping somebody in the community can put me straight.
Many thanks in anticipation.

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