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Viewing topic "Arpeggios / Styles"

Posted on: June 05, 2019 @ 04:23 AM
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I have tried to get an answer here and on other forums, but noone just don’t seem to be able to answer my question.

I have a Motif ES8, and would like to make it able to use my left hand to play different chords that triggers drum, bass, guitar, and then use my right hand to play piano. Sometimes the guy I am playing with wants to have 4 extra bars in the chorus, that’s why I can’t use backtracks for example. And in one song I need the song to fade (tempo) in the middle of the song, then trigger it from the chorus again when he’s done talking.

And I would rather NOT pay for a Tyros/Genos.

So, I am thinking of buying a MODX8 or keep my Motif ES8 if it’s possible to achieve this.

I guess what I’m talking about in Yamaha-terms would be Styles and Arpeggios.

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Posted on: June 11, 2019 @ 11:18 AM
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Hi there,

Taking sympathy on your question though I don’t have a solid answer for you I’m afraid. The ES’s arpeggio capability is not quite as sophisticated as appeared on the XS onwards. However, you should be able to create some decent backings that can be ‘played’ in real time to accommodate your need for flexibility. As for tempo adjustment ideally you’d map that parameter to a pedal but I’m not sure that’s possible. You may either just have to adjust that in real time on the front panel (which may be hard to do smoothly) or maybe turn that song into a Motif ‘Song’ and program in the changes.

Hopefully others will add some advice?


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