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Viewing topic "ARP Button Store Glitch or ???"

Posted on: June 01, 2019 @ 01:35 AM
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Joined  11-01-2003
status: Enthusiast

I am editing a Performance. I have Drums on Part 4 and I’ve filled those ARP 1-6 buttons with my selections.

I call up Part 3 (Organ), I make SURE I’m in Part 3 by double-checking that Part 3 is displayed in the upper left corner. I have previously assigned ORGAN Voice ARPs to the 1-6 buttons. I decide I want the same ARP to play on Button 2 that is now playing on Button 1. So while ARP BUTTON 1 is lit, I hold down the store key and press ARP button 2. The ARP is copied successfully, both 1 and 2 are the same ARP.

Now I jump back out to the main screen and start to play the whole Performance. Only I find that the Drum ARPS are not sounding as I programmed them just minutes ago. I go into Part 4 ARP editor and find that ARP 1 and 2 in my DRUM Part are exactly the same. When I used the STORE button while working on Part 3 it apparently also changed the corresponding buttons on my Drums. 

I’ve edited a lot of Performances over the years and I understand the process. I take care to be sure I’m in the correct Part before I start moving or changing ARPS, cause it’s easy to be in the wrong Part and not realize it at first. But I’m pretty sure when I’m IN a specific Part what I do there should NOT be changing the programming of another Part.

So is there something wrong with my keyboard? Or is my mind and memory failing?

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