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Viewing topic "yamaha FW mac 10.14.3"

Posted on: March 25, 2019 @ 04:19 AM
Total Posts:  232
Joined  01-29-2013
status: Enthusiast

FW driver often does not show up in my mac. i have to reconnect the lan cable from my motif xf ,sometimes restart mac and then it shows up and sound is going through. i also get message that the FW app is not up to date and it won’t work with future versions of OS. i tried to install FW for mac 10.14 but i still get this message. do i need to uninstall first? how do i do that? can somebody give me links to latest versions of FW and whatever else i need for updates for my set up? my motif is connected trough fire wire with my mac.

thank you

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