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Viewing topic "Motif XS8 as a VSTi (in Studio One)"

Posted on: March 18, 2019 @ 07:19 PM
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First of all; be sure that I have read as many articles, forum posts, and have watched many videos before I ask for assistance here. Unfortunately, most documentation I’ve found were either with /about Cubase integration or older systems (from the ancient times when Macs are called ‘Macintosh’)
I’ve spent 6 days straight, the last 2 mostly sitting in the dark, depressed and hopeless. Funny, maybe, but it is true. I want to make music, and I really hate spending time on tools, devices, etc.
I am so confused that it is really hard for me to focus and ask the questions. Here they come:

System: MacBook Pro + Studio One 3 Pro (it is VST3 compatible and I will call it S3 from now on) + Motif XS8 connected via FW400 + Another FW audio interface, TC Electronic Impact Twin (I will call it ‘Twin’ hence).

First, I tried to use the XS8 and Twin together, connecting them with ‘aggregate devices’ through Mac’s Audio MIDI Devices menus, then I thought it would be better if I dealt with one problem at a time and dismissed the Twin and plugged in my XS directly to the Mac with a FW800<=>FW400 cable.

I believe I have done all the connections and settings properly, for XS Editor works properly when standalone.

** (OR HERE)
But, I can’t make it work in my DAW, Studio One 3 Pro. Maybe it’s because I don’t understand how it works. So;

1) FW400 connection establishes MIDI connection, and I no longer need the USB connection, right? (Within the XS menus, WLAN is already set as MIDI connection) Which port should I choose? Main, Remote or MIDI IN/OUT? What do each stand for?

2) S3 has some presets as MIDI instruments / keyboards, but as for Yamaha, only KX series exist. So, I made one [New Keyboard] with the name ‘XS-Keys’ and one [New Instrument] with the name ‘XS-Synth’. What ports should I assign to / choose for them? Main, Remote, or MIDI in/out?

3) Why can’t I see proper MIDI In/out options at the Editor VST window while I’m trying to make a connection / make it ‘online?’ Standalone editor is working just fine!

4) When I open a VSTi, say, Moog sth. in S3 and I play it with a MIDI keyboard, I hear the sounds. I hear it! I don’t need to add a track and turn that Moog (midi) track to audio. Does XS Editor VSTi acts differently? Does it not transmit audio through FW? Do I have to add separate audio track(s)?

Thanks in advance!

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Posted on: August 21, 2019 @ 04:36 PM
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you are not alone

MO 6 with mac os9
the usb connect does not reveal where
all my sound files are on the motif

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