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Viewing topic "Tech Session Wanted - Motif XS"

Posted on: January 31, 2019 @ 02:43 PM
Total Posts:  8
Joined  01-31-2019
status: Newcomer

hey all.. im in pre production setting up a new show using two Motif XS6’s..
im coming from mainstage, and am new to Motif inner workings.

i need assistance with:

1) setting up custom performance patches / user mode
2) assigning / routing FX (someone who knows the details / nuances of this)
3) loading my own samples

im working through forums, tutorials, manuals, youtube etc.. but im very low on time to acheive what i need.

if there’s an experienced Motif XS genius out there who could skype with me, for a fee.. i’d be totally up for it..

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