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Viewing topic "Advice needed on USB drives on my Motif ES, help! Also gonna buy a Montage soon!"

Posted on: December 16, 2018 @ 08:41 AM
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Hi Folks

Was at my gig last night. Had my usual 2GB Sandisk Cruzer USB stick to load all my stuff pre gig
Had this working for 4 years without issue in my Bon Jovi Tribute Band

I loaded my sounds as usual, thank god that worked! Then the USB stick decides to play up and keep trying to load itself saying “USB Unrecognised”
So I got an identical spare stick out and saved ALL onto this card

My question is, I am struggling to find a 2GB USB stick anywhere on eBay or Amazon, will the Motif ES read okay from a 4GB or 8GB stick?
Any recommendations for compatible USB sticks over here in the UK?

I’ve just bought a Gold Korg Kronos 2 88 and working my way through it all
Going to sell my Motif ES 7 and buy a Montage 7 or 8 as soon as possible
Can’t bare to part with my main board Roland Fantom X8

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Posted on: December 16, 2018 @ 09:06 AM
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USB flash drive capacity for use with an ES is not limited to 2GB. Yamaha used to list a 16GB one that was compatible, and even larger ones may be OK. It’s likely that a properly formatted 4GB or 8GB model will work.

The problem with some flash drives is that they have management software installed on them. If so, usually that can be removed with a utility available from the flash drive manufacturer.

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