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Viewing topic "Motif Song Database"

Posted on: December 04, 2018 @ 04:42 AM
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Joined  12-04-2018
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Hi Guys,

when I fist started with my MO6 a few years back, I remember there was a database to share songs (live Voices/Mixes for On-stage) for Yamaha Keys. Once you shared a Song, you would get access to the database.

I remember having access to that and since I now have a Motif XS8, I was wondering if anyone of you knows if this still exists and point me into the right direction?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.


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Posted on: December 04, 2018 @ 05:14 AM
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Welcome to the forum.

I’m not aware of what you’re asking about - hopefully another member will have some insight.

For now, perhaps this thread will prove interesting:

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