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Viewing topic "Sampler on the motif AMAZING! help"

Posted on: November 09, 2018 @ 02:46 AM
Total Posts:  15
Joined  11-09-2018
status: Regular

so I once owned a original motif 6 and would sample form vinyl and just get the most lovely saturation and depth that I no longer can recreate ITB, I can get close as I have some of the best saturation plug-ins and plug-ins in general around and know how to use all of them, but for some reason the immediate playback of a sample in the motif was so warm and rich that I took it for granted untill I started doing everything ITB and really could not believe how thin everything sounds with no treatment, even after heavy treatment, that depth, shine and pleasant crunch just are non existent. So I’ve been looking online for a used one at a decent price and haven’t taken the leap as I mostly will just be using it as a sampler.

does anyone on here feel what I’m saying and also know and have experienced how lovely samples from vinyl sound on the motif? I’m getting ready to buy a Kronos prob tomorrow morning which I will be sharing with someone and wanted to know if the sampler on there was just as good as the original motif?, I’m sure its as good or prob better but who knows maybe the original motif just had that little special run as I don’t know if any of the later models also had a lovely sound from the sampler, all I can say is that my motif 6 would give me such great and cohesive sample playback that I really need to get a hardware unit just like that and just for that specific purpose cause it ain’t happening ITB, although Omnisphere does get close when loading user audio still not even in the same category and sample editing in Omnisphere is non existent, thanks for your time

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