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Viewing topic "Factory Set every time turning …."

Posted on: November 04, 2018 @ 12:04 AM
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Joined  08-13-2011
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How do I turn off “Factory Set after Power OFF”?
Each time I start the instrument, MOXF load the factory settings.
Utility> Job> Power Auto check “off"> Enter> Enter> Executing and all.
But when I turn on the MOXF again, I get the Factory Set message again

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Posted on: November 04, 2018 @ 04:30 AM
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Joined  09-16-2010
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If you correctly follow the procedure in the manual, that should turn off Power On Auto Factory Set.

However, if you load an “All” file that was saved when Power On Auto Factory Set was on, then that behavior will be reestablished.

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Posted on: November 04, 2018 @ 10:34 AM
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Joined  10-05-2011
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Just to add to what 5pinDIN has posted, if indeed you are LOADING an ALL File that has system settings instructing the machine to do a FACTORY SET after POWER OFF:

After LOADING, set the FACTORY SET option to your preferred setting, then re-SAVE an ALL File with system.  Next time you LOAD, use the newly SAVED ALL File.  It will no longer instruct the machine to FACTORY SET itself.

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