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Viewing topic "Do “Voice” EQ settings apply in “Performance” Mode?"

Posted on: November 03, 2018 @ 08:45 AM
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Joined  04-29-2009
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Apologies, I’ve tried searching, but can’t find the answer....

If I’m in “Voice” Mode, and save EQ changes in the “Utility” screen (say, for example, I increase the lowest bass spectrum to +4).... if I then go to “Performance Mode”, will all my saved performances then have the bass increased by +4?  I’ve played with it, but honestly, can’t really tell whether the Voice Mode “Utility” EQ setting applies in all Modes or not.  Does anyone know for sure?

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Posted on: November 03, 2018 @ 09:31 AM
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Many of the Parameters that can be edited in Utility mode are “System” type - they apply globally. However, those that can only be reached via a particular Mode (e.g. Voice) only apply to that mode.

If you’re referring to the Master EQ 5-band equalizer accessed by…
...that EQ is applied to all Voices, when in Voice mode only.

In Performance mode there’s a similar 5-band MEQ available that applies to all Parts, configurable on a per-Performance basis. The situation is similar for a Song/Pattern Mixing.

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Posted on: November 03, 2018 @ 09:57 AM
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Joined  04-29-2009
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Thank you for the prompt, knowledgeable response, 5pinDIN, greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, I was afraid that would be the answer, as it’s really quite “live performance” unfriendly! 

Needed EQ settings vary greatly per venue, speaker choices, etc.  So this means I’d have to change the EQ on the Voices, then for every individual Performance, and for every Song, and change all of the them for every different venue???  Quite impractical, of course.  Of course, I know that the solution is to force me to use a mixer with tone controls, and just adjust the mixer or speaker EQ per venue, and leave the EQ alone on the MOXF8.  But that means carrying and setting up/tearing down yet one more item, and all its accessories (2 more cables, the power adapter and another electrical plug).  ugh.

I am using 2 Yamaha DXR10 powered speakers.... the advantage being that I thus have the ability, using ΒΌ inch plugs, to simply plug directly from the MOXF8 directly to the DXR10 speakers (left and right), with no mixer needed (IF I could adjust for the needed venue EQ using the MOXF8 EQ settings).  Practically speaking, this means I can only use this direct setup if I use only the “Voice” Mode.

I wish the MOXF8 had one “Global” EQ that covered all audio output.  Oh well.

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