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Viewing topic "MOTIF 6 - Experience with sustainpedal malfunction"

Posted on: October 31, 2018 @ 12:52 PM
Total Posts:  17
Joined  08-28-2011
status: Regular

Want to share an experience from my instrument.
After som years on the shelve, I wanted to let my old MOTFI Classic back on the stand.
Powered up, and everything seemed OK.
After a few days I wanted to do some midi-stuff with my Nordstage - and connected the instruments.
Then I came to realize that the MOTFI didn´t respond to the sustainpedal.
Not by midi - and not by a pedal connected directly to the MOTIF.
Tried numerous of different pedals - but no sustain.
I saved my patches/sounds and made a fabric reset of the synth. Afterword the sustainpedal worked properly again.
Loaded my setup back to the synth again - and voila; no sustainpedal-function.
Tried several times - always with the same result. At the end, I tried the function Load ALL, but Without System.
This time I got my sounds back - and even with a functional sustainpedal.

Don´t know why this behavior, but thought It could be of use to share this experiense.

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