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Viewing topic "Hello, please help wanna be power user with Midi Studio, Studio Manager, some other connectivity issues"

Posted on: October 30, 2018 @ 01:30 AM
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Joined  09-15-2018
status: Newcomer

50 m progressive.  la.  MacBook Pro Mojave, MO8, ProTools, Arturia, heavy vocal processing, tons of gear, etc. etc.  I finally have Studio Manager newly running.  I am currently stuck at MIDI studio in connecting all my gear including the MO8.  So I cannot use the arrows successfully to make connections.  I will attempt a screenshot.  Next, the Microlite is a MOTU 5x5 midi interface.  It has one of the 10 lights lit, the ch 3 input is the MO8.  All the other gear is properly connected.  According to what Ive found I need to turn off the clock send out from the MO8 correct?  There is a controller that is set to create the master clock now.  I am getting interfernce troubles from what I have found.

Any help in making the connections via MIDI studio or recommendations on whether or not to use studio manager would be appreciated.  Studio manager and Audio MIDI setup do the same thing correct?  Studio Manager I assume is a better way to go?

ps. After talking with MOTU, they helped me see a different approach and that the likely focus is the audio Midi and audio setup configurations prior to the MIDI studio setup pictured.  I’m going to strip down the connections, simplify and go that route.  I was thinking redundancy a bit and had some incomplete knowledge of some things.

I am truly amazed and in awe and blown away at what is possible, every single day. 

Thank you.  Any bits of info, especially into Studio Manager would be awesome and appreciated.  Thank you.

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