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Viewing topic "MOXF8: Which method and settings to use when recording a performance to a song and how to store it, edit it and transform it into audio?"

Posted on: October 12, 2018 @ 01:11 AM
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Joined  01-07-2018
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WHich settings would you recommend me when recording a performance to a song? SYnth and Cubase are two rather new ball gates for me. On this occasion I am recording with the sequenser and then synching it with the DAW Cubase 9.5 AI.

I have already had succes with recording a performance into a song (seq), stored it and then saved it with realtime recording as a MIDI track and audio in CUbase, but not sure about my working steps.

So bear with me but I am trying to gather some overview and use this as an entrance point from which to go into details (useful for others too I hope). THe manuals are not very useful for getting this overview of the functionality. THey only serve once You get the basics, which is where I am at :-)

1) “MIDI Utility Sync”: Midi Auto or external or internal? WHen set to Auto is it only controlled by the daw when the DAW is on but else controlled by the MOXF? I am not sure when I should use the external clock: WHen I want to be able to add software instruments later or? What to choose? I guess the audio is good if I want to use the previous DAW given tempo.

2) Please describe the working process when recording. Sequenser first then DAw and how. Or not sequenser but only DAW? I think its nice to have the seq for quick compositions in an inspirational moment.

I have simply chosen a performance, then pushed the Rec button in the Seq Transport, then the Play button.

3) HOw much space is available? I use 3 instruments including the arpeggiator in ALma, the preset performance. I tried to record another version as track 5-8 into which I placed the same performance: THought that this way I could make a new version with the same Preset performance which in some way I managed to copy to those tracks. DId not work well. I ran out of sequenser space in a few secs when trying to record the second version.

4) SO I wish also to make different versions. DO I have to create a new SEQ song number for each version? WOUld be nice to have them all under the same song number. Or do I have to record one version then export it to USB or record it as MIDI to the DAW, then delete it with Job + delete song (I did this but still the Midi tracks show there is something) and then start again to record afterwards.

5) DO I need to “Store” the Mixing settings, when I balance the instruments volume?

6) WHen I play back a recorded song and then try to play it back again after it ends, it is silent: I have to turn to another song and go back to hear it again.

7) When I store the song can I then mute some tracks or is all recorded? THere is a muting in MIxing but perhaps all tracks are finally stored?

8) I used the sequenser to record (not real time) and then later played it back and recorded it as MIDI and Audio in CUbase. THen found it possible to change the speed when setting the MOXF8 Utility-MIDI- SYNC to AUto/external and choosing Project -Tempo Track in Cubase and alter the time (After having chosen Project-Project Setup and changed from bars/beats to Seconds which is required I think). SO is this working procedure recommendable? DOes changing the tempo of a midi file alter the quality of say the nylon guitar?

(I guess this is an advantage in having the SEQ because when you are creative/inspired you don’t have to think about turning on the pc). Then I use the MIDI clock synch later after having recorded a performance with the Sequenser (Use internal if I want to set the tempo on the MOXF8 right? or Auto if I want to use the latest CUbase tempo even when cubase is not turned on?).

This way I can later turn on Cubase and record and align new tracks and ARP with the existing tracks: the former only usable/accessible when recording real time to the DAW (CUbase)? OR SHOULD I PROCEED AND MAKE THE WHOLE SONG IN THE SEQUENSER or is there not enough space for this???

9) HOw DO I transform the MIDI into Audio? I tried yesterday to save on a USB but later when entering it into CUbase, it could not read the x6s file.

However I managed to play it back on the MOXF8 and record it with an audio track. But if I complete a song on the Sequenser and mix it there, then I might prefer to turn it quickly into an audio /MP3-4 version to spare myself from the trouble of having to record it once again as MIDI track respectively as an audio.

On my previous Digital pianos I could either record audio directly to a USB or on board MIDI/sequenser and then transform it to AUdio on the PIano itself.

10) I have deleted the tracks 4-8 because I need just the three instruments from ALma. But there is noise/other sounds.

I discovered it comes from CUbase and the DAW volume on MOXF8 was turned a bit up. PLease tell me where to shut off this software sound.  Also I don’t understand why this sound sounds when I have set the MIDI sync to Internal (MOXF8 controls). Is it because the sound goes through CUbase and then comes out in another form (I thought it was audio when playing back but perhaps still MIDI)? The driver is the USB Steinberg Yamaha one. The recorded tracks were muted + not running in Cubase. Only play back from the MOXF8.

Maybe the sound is lousy from Cubase because it is the sound generator of my pc, and not the one of MOXF8.

If being correct about this last statement then to record AUdio of the same sound and quality as that created with the MOXF8 sound engine I guess I HAVE to record as audio directly from the piano and record it to an audio track?? THe MIDI will only sound as good as the software instrument in CUbase??

Update: I found a setting in SOng-Track(F3)- Out Sw (SF2) - Ext SW which presumably turns on or off an external MIDI TOne generator (PC). Mine is set to On for all tracks. Maybe I need it off. Or maybe DAW level down.

WHich procedure is recommendable with the MOXF8?


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