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Viewing topic "Question for Montage MIDI connection!"

Posted on: September 28, 2018 @ 01:37 PM
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Joined  08-10-2003
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BSR Posts: 6Joined: Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:30 pmUnited States of America

Re: Record external source on Montage!

Post by BSR » Fri Sep 28, 2018 6:54 am

On Motif XS, I did record via MIDI [slave mode, receive midi clock] cable from Tyros 2 (arranger) to 16 track Sequencer and Pattern 16 track recorder in syncronized way; soon I start to play on Tyros, automaticly start to record on MO XS without pushing any button on XS! Also the recording stop on XS soon as I hit stop on Tyros!
Is this possible to do the same on Montage? Thank you!

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