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Viewing topic "MOXF8 or MODX8?"

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Posted on: July 08, 2020 @ 09:06 AM
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I looked at the MODX in a local music store yesterday & unfortunately there was a I set of Nords right next to it.

I played the Nord Stage & Electro 6D & was amazed at how good the key beds felt. The controls are very intuitive & it has DRAWBARS!!!!!

I know I’m committing heresy saying this here but I plan on upgrading to one of these within the next year.

There was also a CP88 right next to the Nords which played very well but…

I definitely won’t get rid of the MOXF but it will probably just stay in the studio as a recording station.

The Nord will go on the 2nd tier in the studio & will travel to gigs which will streamline my load significantly.

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Posted on: July 13, 2020 @ 06:36 PM
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Did Bobos Curse post:

“ My MOXF8 has tens of thousands of hours on it. “ and [\b]

“My biggest issues with the MOXF8 are the limitations of only having 4 parts per Performance and the ability to transpose a part only 24 semitones.....”

in the same post?

One would think that after tens of thousands of hours Bobos would be a little more acquainted with the MOXF8....  unless Bobos is not the one that put the tens of thousands of hours on it....

Or, the MOXF8 is a lot deeper than it looks at first blush.  And perhaps tens of thousands of hours is still not enough to become truly acquainted with the MOXF8.

I dunno....  With the latest updates the MoDX is getting much closer to the MOXF8 and is looking more attractive all the time.  That new automorph feature wow!!!, but I think the pattern mode in the MoDX has 8 sections (scenes) as compared to MOXF8 16 sections .  I have many many sequences that use the whole 16.  Not all of mine sequences use 16 sections but many do.  If the MoDX only has 8 scenes/sections I would notice it right away and instantly feel the pain :-)

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Posted on: January 11, 2021 @ 10:10 PM
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I notice a couple posters mentioning that MODX now has “sequencing” capability. Can someone take a moment to explain what this improvement is?  My impression of the MODX was that for someone like myself who has no interest in using a DAW if I can avoid it (and have since the MOX line came out), the MODX is (or was) a step in the wrong direction. For me anyway.

I play “live” and MOXF is my band. I work from Songs, a few Patterns—basically just took the Song and broke it up into Sections so that I can easily lengthen a Song midway through by adding a Verse loop, adding a Chorus loop. One Section just for the ending of the Song. This way I can invite someone to sit in and adjust for extra soloing. And I do several numbers using Performance, which has it’s limitations, but is also a fun challenge. With a Performance, even as I’m playing one part on keyboard AND singing, I’m also hitting Arp buttons on-the-fly. 

What I saw about the MODX that intrigued me was that there are several more Arp (Scenes now) buttons. IF they work like the Arp buttons on the MOX that means a Performance can be quite a bit more intricate and come closer to what can be done with a Pattern. I’m a drummer and go to great pains to find Presets or create User Arps—so I’ve often wished for more Arp triggers AND more then 4 Voice Parts. I also use the Arp On/Off mid performance. It’s all part of the “dance” I’m doing. (That, of course, nobody in the audience appreciates, but some things you just do for yourself!) So the MODX seems to have addressed that. But I’m a little concerned that you must use a touch screen to trigger things. Is that true? Cause my MOXF buttons work just fine and they don’t care if my hands are wet or dry, etc.

When I heard there was no sequencing capability on the MODX, no way to play the MIDI file back “live” and play along, I actually hurried out to buy a couple more MOXF’s for backup. It got me thinking about just Mixing down my trusty MIDI Song files to mp3 files and one day just going to plain old backing tracks for every tune. Which is a let-down in itself. What I like about the MOXF is that I can play a gig, hear something that’s not right in the Mix and go right home and CHANGE it easily. If I was stuck with one version of a Song or forced to go into Cubase to fix something what would happen is that I would simply NOT make that change. A one-way trip to hackville. 

And then I heard that there really isn’t much storage/memory on the MODX, so even if I HAD everything on mp3, they can’t be resident on the keyboard. So, I’m messing with a USB every three songs. Or fumbling around with some OTHER piece of playback equipment (computer or digital audio). Mixing and recording and arranging all my material on the MOXF might seem tedious and time consuming to a DAW whiz/afficionado, but I like that I’m interacting with my actual instrument at every step and after several years at it, I’m at a level of proficiency on the MOXF that allows me to turn out some pretty polished work.

So I’m sticking with MOXF for now. But soon I will need to revisit MODX (or its latest permutation) and I’m hoping to hear the impressions of the MODX from others, cause not everybody is using their keyboards in the same way.

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