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Viewing topic "Expression pedal on external keyboard suddenly started controlling MOXF8 -Resolved!"

Posted on: September 12, 2018 @ 04:01 AM
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Joined  07-23-2018
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As you were! - I discovered it was a Hammond problem not the MOX - don’t know how I changed the parameter without realising!

Hi all,

Help!  I have a Hammond SK2 Midi’d to my MOXF8. All set up nicely in song mode so that I play pianos on the MOX and other synth sounds on the Hammond. I have an expression pedal connected to the Hammond which controls the volume of the organ and also the synth sounds called from the MOX. Worked fine last night at band rehearsal.

All of a sudden this morning after I’ve been doing some more MOX setups for a gig on Saturday, the MOX has started responding to the volume pedal on the Hammond, whether in Voice, Performance or Song mode. I’ve changed something on the MOX, but what? I haven’t changed the Hammond. What have I done?

I’ve looked at the MOX midi settings but nothing seems to help.

Help would be much appreciated.

Jeff Wells

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