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Viewing topic "FW Bus disabled after Win 10 update"

Posted on: August 03, 2018 @ 08:55 AM
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Joined  07-03-2017
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Hello all, my first post. I have gotten much valuable information from this forum, so thanks in advance.

After doing a Win 10 update (May 2018), my Yamaha Steinberg FW Bus driver no longer works (worked fine before the update). I checked the Yamaha site and I am using the current driver. I uninstalled and re-installed, to the same effect (Win 10 could not load the FW Bus driver - see screen shot attached with my system information and error window). Interestingly, I tried a fix suggested elsewhere, to install a legacy Windows 8 1394 OHCI driver, and got the exact same error window, word for word, as the error Steinberg FW Bus driver generated. I mostly use the USB driver with my Rack XS, but would like to be able to use FW on occasion. Wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue?

My Setup:
Dell desktop with Win 10
Mixcraft Pro DAW
Motif-Rack XS
Yamaha WX5
Arturia KeyStep
Gibson Les Paul

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