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Viewing topic "XF8 tone generator doubles VI notes"

Posted on: July 15, 2018 @ 05:02 PM
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Joined  08-03-2014
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Hi, I’m using EW Orchestra Gold in DP and Cubase and have the same problem using the XF8 as the midi controller for both DAWs.  (The Midi Local Setting is set to off. I’m working in Song mode with the mixer). 

The keyboard plays the correct VI instrument in each DAW, but it also triggers the XF8 voice set to the relevant midi channel. So, I’m hearing a solo violin from the VI and the full concert grand from the XF8 when I play the keyboard.

What is odd, is when I go to Utility and select Flash in the XF8, I hear only the solo violin from the VI. When I go back to the sequencer, the note doubling comes back.

I can’t figure out how to stop the note doubling.  Has anyone else had this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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Posted on: July 15, 2018 @ 06:32 PM
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Joined  09-16-2010
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Since I use neither Digital Performer nor Cubase, what follows is mostly generic information…

Since the XF’s tone generator is being triggered even though Local Control is “off”, it’s obvious that MIDI data being received by the XF is arriving via the DAW. That can be due to a MIDI Thru (Echo) setting, or a track MIDI Out setting. (I believe that in Cubase the track “MIDI Out” for the XF should be “Not Connected” if you want only the VSTi to sound.)

If anyone has specific knowledge of the settings for DP or Cubase, please jump in.

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