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Viewing topic "“Spare Room Concert Series 3”"

Posted on: July 10, 2018 @ 11:02 PM
Total Posts:  156
Joined  01-27-2006
status: Pro

Hi all.

It has been awhile since I frequented this forum (a number of years), but hopefully things should still be well here.

This clip is an idea I had that was inspired by NPC’s “Tiny Desk Concert Series” on YouTube.
It is a multi-camera, “mini concert” of some piano-ish performances by myself in a small space.

I have produced other videos in the past, but this is probably my best effort.

Comments welcome, but above all I hope you enjoy it.

Gear used:
Motif XS7 with KSounds’ “Signature Piano” voice bank loaded.
Audio recorded on a Zoom H6 recorder, and video’d on multiple Sony camcorders.

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