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Viewing topic "New Synth Sounds for Motif on Keyboard Waves"

Posted on: July 04, 2018 @ 04:33 AM
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Joined  08-29-2012
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Essential Synth Sounds:

64 Synthesizer Voices (with samples) you must have into your rig !
Lead, Pad, Bass, Pluck, FX, Brass, Hit, Synth Strings…

The main idea of this collection is to propose a variety of synthesizer sounds necessary for any modern production and directly usable.
The “Power of the Layering Sound” :  Layering synths is the best way to immediately have a fat and full sound.
Synthesizers used in layer to make these samples, are Virus TI, Andromeda A6, Novation Ultranova, Nord Stage 2, Korg Poly 61, DX7II, FM8, Massive, Reaktor…
All sounds are Normalized and Equalized.

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