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Viewing topic "getting the levels right"

Posted on: June 29, 2018 @ 09:10 AM
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Joined  03-02-2017
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Half a question, and half an answer;

Does anyone have any good advice for leveling the different voices? When I started getting into programming performances and designing voices with the MX49, I would have to adjust my volume every time I switched parts during rehearsal. Trying to level the volume of different tracks was difficult, as some voices can only get so loud, or are more easily drowned out by the bass and guitar and I am usually not designing the voice in front of the band. I was wondering if anyone had any neat tips or tricks?

I’ll tell you mine; I use a rhythm track.
Every time I am designing a new voice I cue up the same generic rhythm part (I forget which right now) and adjust the voice until it sounds good compared to the beat. Then, when I get to practice, I ask the drummer to play “with normal, even dynamics” while I press play on the rhythm part at the same time. when both drum beats (real drummer and MX49 drum track) are the same volume I know that my voices should be relatively close to where they belong.

I still have my hand on that master volume knob a lot, though.

anyone else?

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