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Viewing topic "PLaykey 80’s sets 1 and 2 Motif XS compared to Motif XS-Rack"

Posted on: June 20, 2018 @ 03:42 AM
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I have a question for anyone that has these sound sets on a Motif unit other than the Motif XS Rack.

I understand they do not have the performances for the Motif rack at the time of purchase as the Performances are not included. I am working on setting up the performances and have it a point of confusion. It maybe that the Keyboards effects are handled differently than the Rack.

In the patches did the vendor use all the same reverb/Chorus effects on the single voices as they did in the Performances? 

I can insert the effects from the patches into the performance with no issue but when the reverb/chorus effects in the patch are different from one another:

1) Is there a way to bring the specific reverb/chorus them over as well?


2) Have to pick one of each and make them work for you Performance setup? 

Thanks in advance for you input

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Posted on: June 20, 2018 @ 04:57 AM
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My replies in this thread should cover the issue:

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