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Viewing topic "How do I modify setups using sysex in sequence or master modes?"

Posted on: May 16, 2018 @ 07:14 PM
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Joined  06-22-2013
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Say I have some accompaniment tracks in song mode such as drums, bass, guitar arps which I play back as the background. And I use other tracks for live play.

If I do this in song mode, when I want to switch a voice on another track, I simply click the track button. However, when I want to use more complex setups, I encounter 2 problems.

1. There are only 16 parts and only 8 can use insertion FXs. If for the first 32 measures, I want to play a full-keyboard piano. After that I want to play piano on the left, and some lead voice on the right. And even after that I want to play piano still on the left, and a saxophone voice on the right. If there are not other ways of doing this, I need 5 parts mapped to 3 tracks already! (The split point may also changes between these setups)
2. Sometimes I have no time to click the track button. I want it to switch setups automatically.

Is it possible to attain these WITHOUT using external midi controllers, but only adding some sysex events in the song? (For example those in the ‘Bulk Dump Block’ section of the data list) If yes, how?

Thanks in advance.

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