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Viewing topic "Yamaha MX88 Daw Remote + Halion 6 Stand alone"

Posted on: February 23, 2018 @ 02:34 PM
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Joined  02-19-2018
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Not sure where exactly to have posted this thread as it overlaps with the use of my new Yamaha MX88.

I’ve been learning how to use the MX as a remote for Halion 6 and also cubase which is pretty great. There is one annoying thing that i can’t seem to figure out how to change and/or disable. A lot of the time I"m just exploring the sounds of Halion 6 standalone with my MX and can do it in either two ways:

1) Daw remote - which is what I’d prefer to use as I can use the MX hardware cursors to navigate up/dwn and enter as I audition the sounds on Halion. the hardware knobs on the MX seem to be already programmed to control various elements in Halion and I ‘ve been learning how to program them...with the Remote editor app.

Here is the problem. When i assign the hardware knobs of the MX to control the volume of the programs loaded into the slots (Halion) the pitchbend wheel seems hardwired to control the volume as well! so when i use the knobs which also control volume the pitch automatically is triggered as well. Not at all what i want. I have scoured the web tryign to figure out HOW TO DISABLE this.

2) Oddly, somehow on the MX i’m able to remote control Halion in most the same ways without using DAW assigning (using the learn CC mostlly on Halion) knobs to control volume as described above. and it works. pitchbend in this mode somehow disconnected to volume.

the downside to this is i cannot use the MX hardware cursors to up/dwn/select the list of voices of halion. I’m not sure how the MX does this but i just discovered that when the performance is on and i select Part 2 it communicates to Halion. I don’t care how it does it just does and that’s cool.

to reiterate: how do i disable pitchbend from controlling volume!?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

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