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Viewing topic "New vs. Used Moxf6 and Cubase AI vs. Reaper"

Posted on: January 10, 2018 @ 11:46 AM
Total Posts:  6
Joined  01-10-2018
status: Newcomer

I tried the Moxf6 in the store, amazing!  I’m trying to decide whether to save money getting a used unit. 

Q1) How reliable are these units?  Are they known to be more or less reliable than the average keyboard? (new it only has a one year warranty)

Q2) Is it safe to assume that getting a used Moxf6, I won’t be able to download Cubase AI, because the download code will be used/obsolete, etc?

Q3) Since I don’t care that much about controlling VSTi parameters from the Moxf6, I should be able to use the Moxf6 to implement basic transport/control functions within Reaper, and thereby avoid the need to learn a new DAW?

Reaper can assign any MIDI message to any “action”, so I’m optimistic.
Reaper also supports VST3, so I’m curious if anyone has tried the VST editor in Reaper yet.

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