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Viewing topic "Pattern Chain position - why always forgets?"

Posted on: December 19, 2017 @ 08:47 AM
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Joined  06-15-2014
status: Regular

Dear All,

Quite often I’m working in pattern mode and I find myself constantly going back and forth between improving the various sections of my pattern whilst adding to the pattern chain to see how they play together.

This is great but every time I’m going out of Pattern Chain mode e.g to pattern play mode, or pattern patch mode, the chain mode forgets which part of the song I’m recording up to and just goes back to measure one.

Now I’m not one of the most memory gifted individuals around so that I could easily just shift up to wherever I was trying to record my pattern chain up to with no problem so what tends to happen is that I have to stop my creativity to remember which part of the pattern chain I’m on.

Now don’t get me wrong I can really appreciate that Yamaha may be doing this on purpose to stop you from making your composition sound too ‘formulaic’ but just for the stupid ones like me does anybody know if there is a way I can persuade the motif to remember where about in the pattern chain you were on?

And just to clarify I do know about the [store]+[rewind], or [store]+[forward wind] combination that in song mode stores left locator and right locator respectively but for some reason this does not work in pattern chain mode.


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