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Viewing topic "Recording with firewire"

Posted on: December 17, 2017 @ 12:15 AM
Total Posts:  38
Joined  10-27-2014
status: Regular

Hello motifators..
I whould like to know if recording my 16 midi channels of motif xf with a daw will solve my problam..
And the problam is this:
First ,i am using a lambda audio interface that is connected to my mac via usb.the motif is conneted to lamda with midi cable connetion.
Now if i want to use the motif xf editor i have to unplug the midi cables and connect the motif via usb cable directly to my mac.the first problam is that the moment i plug the usb cable there is an electric sound buzzz that is never gone,maybe becuse the audio interface get its power from the usb, and it even record when i record the midi data with xf to audio so what i am corently doins is when i wish to record i unplyg the usb cable from my mac and connect back the midi cable to lambda audio interface,and record audio with my motif xf self recordinn wav file.the reason i am doing the is becuse my hears can tell that the quality of the file that was recorded with the xf is better that it was recorden in the daw.but if i want to edit with the editor i need to unplug again the midi cables and plug the usb onec i want to buy a firewire board to the now i have 2 questions: the firewire will solve my problam of the byzz sound
2.i know that with firewire you can record 16 midi channels as audio files directly to the daw.i try to record every channels seperetly as wav by motif,but when i am moving the audio files the the daw i realise that i need to edit the volume of each audio track with the my qustion is will recording with firewire will give me the resoult of same sound quiality and balance sound that the midi is playing 16 track witout editing audio from daw ?

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