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Viewing topic "Issues syncing via MIDI between Motif XF6 and Logic Pro X over FW"

Posted on: December 03, 2017 @ 08:15 PM
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Joined  05-02-2007
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Hello, all ...

I’m experiencing issues with MIDI sync (via FW) between my Motif XF6 and Logic Pro X. While the tempo syncs, either the Motif XF or LPX is usually behind the other, and it’s rare that the beats align exactly. I can tell because the Motif XF is in Perform mode and part one of the performance plays a beat. Said beat starts when I press Play or Record in LPX, but is almost always leading or lagging LPX (or perhaps LPX is leading or lagging the Motif). These are my settings:

Motif XF: MIDI in / out: FW, MIDI Sync: MIDI, Clock Out: off, Sequencer Control: off

Logic Pro X: MIDI Clock: Transmit to Destination 1 (checked) as Motif XF6 Main, Mode: SPP at play start only (though i’ve tried different SPP settings to no avail)

If I try to sync via MTC and not MIDI clock, (by setting the Motif XFs MIDI Sync to MTC and having LPX send MTC to Motif XF6 Main), the Motif XF seems to use it’s own clock (read: it starts playing the beat even before I press Play or Record in LPX, and the tempo doesn’t match LPX), even though MIDI in / out is set to FW.

Syncing via MIDI clock (instead of MTC) syncs the tempo, but the Motif or LPX is usually noticeably early or late.

I’m sure i’m doing something stupid, but I don’t know what it is. Any help would be greatly appreciated. LPX is v10.3.2, and i’m using v1.7.5 of the YSFW driver.


John, who really loves his XF6 :-)

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